Sore Neck? Frozen Shoulder? or Low Back Pain? ..Is your massage therapist really focused on YOU?

Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

If you have ‘a Sore Neck‘ , ‘Hip pain’ or ‘Low Back Pain‘, then massage therapy may well be worth trying. You might have found massage has helped you in the past, but have you ever wondered if your massage therapist really focused on you?

Last year, I attended 2 Advanced Clinical Workshops at the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh with the Jing Institute of massage.  The Salisbury centre is a fabulous place and it is wonderful to attend a course where your teachers take you out into a beautiful garden for some Thai Chi before beginning the sessions. A great way to refresh and relax the body and open the heart and mind and makes learning such an enjoyable experience.

In order to operate effectively as a massage therapist and to focus entirely on each individual client, it is vital that the more technical skills of assessment, palpation and appropriate soft tissue techniques are not the only requirements. Equally vital is the therapists ability to ‘connect’ and then ‘disconnect’ mentally.  It takes time and effort to do this properly, however it is a key factor in effective treatment and this is a key element in the Jing training method.

Clients must feel that they are the focus of the massage therapists attention and that the therapist to whom they have entrusted their precious body to is not distracted on either a previous client or on some problem that has cropped up in their own working or personal life.

For that to happen, they must truly be the focus of the massage therapists attention. It is an integral part of the process.

Last year I also gained a practitioners Diploma in Indian Head Massage which again requires the therapist to be working fully in harmony with their client. This is a wonderful relaxing soothing experience based on Ayurvedic principles and using warm oil on upper back, neck, shoulders and head. A great way to soothe a stiff or sore neck.

For information: A useful little tip I learned on this course is that to get oil (think sun oil on holiday) out of hair is to put the shampoo on directly to the hair before getting it wet. Lather up and make an emulsion – it might feel a bit sticky – but then add the water after that and continue with the wash as normal.


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