Massage Couch to Strathcarron 10K

Treating clients on my Massage Couch inspired me to run the Strathcarron 10K.

Last year I decided to do something I never thought I would do – I signed up to run the Strathcarron 10K. A huge part of me wanted to do it because I wanted to support Strathcarron Hospice where I’d been doing voluntary massage therapy for the previous year, but importantly the fact is that I have never been a runner – a ruptured ACL from a fall while skiing in my early 40’s being one reason and probably some ‘eeeuuch its wet and cold out there and looks far too like hard effort’ reasons being the other main ones. However…… given I work in a Sports Club providing massage therapy for a number of clients who are dedicated runners, listening to their experiences of great runs, injuries, sore muscles, exhileration and also being inspired by Simon at the clinic who ran the Stirling Marathon (I’m so impressed) , I thought I should really try to get a bit more into the running  thing for myself but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own.

So, with huge thanks to John Kerr the Personal Trainer at Bridge of Allan Sports Club, and cutting a long story short, I ran the 10 K on the 15th October last year. I can’t say I absolutely loved it, but I really did enjoy it and delighted I did it.

The training with John was vital – without his wit and encouragement (I think that’s what you call it), great humour and patience, I was ready to run the event. I was never going to be rapid  – simply doing it was the target.

We took it very easy to begin with. I think he knew that I could be put off very easily so we started around June – first of all simply walking between the lamposts, then running between them, then running the flat bits and walking up the hill… then we progressed to running up the  hill. Eventually we made it to running round a bit of the university which was good as this was where the event was going to be held and although we weren’t on that course, it was good for me to know I’d been there or thereabouts. I even started going out running myself. I also managed a few trial runs before the event with my lovely partner who was taking part in the race also.

As the weather got a bit cooler, I indulged in a nice new running waterproof and matching bobble hat to run in. Turning up, in a t shirt, John said – ‘what are you wearing that for, you’ll be roasting’..but its cold I said, reluctantly leaving the hat but not the new jacket behind. Not one to hang about – ‘lets go’ said John and off we went. 5 minutes later I thought i was going to spontaneously combust so he kindly carried my jacket as we ran. If it wasn’t my hat or my jacket, it was my phone…yes, he has indeed been very patient.

Thanks must also go to Simon Dickson who made a delicious celebratory lunch for us when we had finished. It was soooh welcome and a real treat.

I’m not sure if I’ll do it again and have no plans ever to run a marathon, but I have certainly found a new enjoyment in running which I’m delighted about. Even just a few miles each time feels good and no matter how much I don’t feel like doing it beforehand (which as John will tell you is a lot), I never come back wishing I hadn’t done it.



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