These are the Terms and Conditions of my business.

I have put this agreement in place to protect both our interests and my business. The agreement is between Shelagh Bryce, Massage Therapist and founder of S. Bryce Therapies and yourself, the client. These guidelines are necessary for me to provide the best possible service to you and to my other clients.

Please take time to read this before your appointment so you can understand our working alliance and if you have any questions, please refer them to myself before your session.

Informed Consent

In the case of a face to face consultation where you, the client are physically present, informed consent to undertake massage therapy with myself based on the terms below is agreed by you, the client signing your consent on the consultation paperwork.

In the case of an on-line consultation and appointment where you, the client are not physically present, a handwritten signature is not possible. By selecting ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Do you give your consent to treatment?’ and attending the appointment, you are agreeing to undertake therapy with myself based on the terms below.

1. Payment and Cancellation

Payment & Pricing: Payment can be by Paypal or Stripe at the time of online booking or via bank transfer by prior agreement before your session. Session prices  (‘hands-on’) are 30 minutes £30, 45 minutes £44, 60 minutes £50. For ‘on-line’ self care therapy, the session price is £15 for 30 minutes.

Appointment Time: Please arrive for your appointment whether ‘in person’ or ‘on-line’ at the time stated on your booking confirmation. To avoid any cross over with any previous client, I would ask that you wait in your car until I call you to ask you to come to the door. If you arrive late, the appointment can only continue until the end of the scheduled time due to the impact on other clients. You will still be charged for the full session so please do arrive on time.

Cancellation: * Please note- normal cancellation fee is currently waived.
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the cancellation charge has been waived. Please refer to the latest government advice.

You MUST NOT ATTEND the clinic if you are displaying any of the symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is displaying symptoms. Please refer to ‘Illness and Serious Conditions below’.

Rescheduling: If you are re-scheduling due to Covid-19 symptoms or positive diagnosis, you must make the rescheduled appointment for a minimum of 14 days in advance.


2. Client Health

Initial Consultation and Disclosure of Medical Conditions:

When booking online you will be asked to complete a form with questions about your medical history. Please take the time to complete this thoroughly and advise me of any medical conditions, undiagnosed symptoms, medical interventions and medication. If you are unsure as to whether you can have a massage, please contact me 48 hours before to discuss in more detail. I may ask you to consult with your GP regarding suitability of massage for you if I feel it is necessary. This is to give you a safe and effective treatment. Your initial massage session will take slightly longer than subsequent sessions as we will be discussing your medical history in detail.

Illness and Serious Conditions:

There are some circumstances when it may not be safe to proceed with treatment either for your protection or mine. Examples could include a suspected blood clot, severe headache, fever, cough, flu, sickness, upset stomach, bleeding. If you feel unwell before an upcoming appointment, please cancel or reschedule your session.

Special procedures relating to Covid-19

  • Complete and return the Covid-19 Screening form that was sent with your initial appointment confirmation. This must be returned no more than 24 hours before your appointment
  • Attend your appointment alone *
  • Wear a mask at all times on or around  the premises
  • Arrive on time and wait in your car until signalled to enter
  • Use the hand sanitiser on arrival or wash your hands according to hygienic handwashing practices
  • Place your clothes and person items in the box provided
  • Do not touch any door handles or surfaces
  • Use hand sanitiser on exit form the premises


Clients with disabilities and mobility issues:

*If you have any disability or support needs, please discuss these with me as soon as possible in order that I can make provision for you or refer you to another therapist if I am unable to meet your needs. There are stairs at both clinic locations where I practice.


Please ensure you are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of your treatment. If you are, I will be unable to treat you.

3. Confidentiality

Confidentiality & Disclosure:

All information which you give me is kept strictly confidential. All written notes are accessed only by myself. There are exceptional circumstances where I may need to disclose something you have told me. This would be if there was any risk of harm to you or someone else, or, if I should need to provide legal advice.

I shall always seek your consent and cooperation first. I may be able to avoid disclosure by encouraging you to seek further help or advice. If I cannot gain your consent, but remain seriously concerned for your safety or someone else’s then I may have to disclose the information to an appropriate person without your consent.

Third party attendance:

If you need to bring someone with you, please discuss with me. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it may not be possible to bring another person, however there may be exceptions in the case of children or vulnerable adults.

4. Vulnerable clients

Children under 16 years of age

Children are welcome to receive treatment but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Vulnerable adults Adult clients who either lack the capacity to give informed consent, or who need support to make decisions, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during the session.

5. General Conduct:

Personal Hygiene

Please take a bath or shower before attending and wear clean clothes.


It is important that we have mutual consideration and respect for each other. This creates a nurturing , safe space. If a client’s behaviour causes discomfort or offence then treatment would be discontinued

SMTO & CNHC register

I am listed on the CNHC accredited register and abide by the SMTO’s code of practice.

6. What to wear

Usually, you will need to undress to your underwear or wear shorts. If preferred, massage can be carried out over clothing.

7. Pets


I have a dog on the premises in my Dullatur clinic which is not allowed in the Therapy Room

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs may be accommodated by prior arrangement.

8. Privacy & GDPR

Please ensure you have read my Privacy and GDPR policy