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Facial Massage can be incredibly relaxing as well as being really good for your skin.


It brightens complexion by bringing lots of blood and oxygen into the tissues and improves skin tone and texture.


If your normal routine has been interrupted and you have a little bit more time on your hands, its worth investing some of that on a bit of facial self massage to promote relaxation and at the same time help your complexion.


How To Self Massage Your Face

Give yourself an allotted time – this is your ‘face’ time


 Start with scrupulously clean hands


Tie your hair out of the way with a scarf or headband


Cleanse your face  (ideally twice) using your normal cleanser. Enjoy the feeling of clean fresh skin and the treat you’re about to give it


Use something that you normally use on your face like a lovely moisturiser or facial oil for the massage.


Start with upward feathering strokes upwards across your neck from just above your collar bone to your jaw line work the left side, then the right side. Avoid the centre of your neck.


Progress upwards  to strokes from your jawline to your cheekbones – left side then right side.


Move to your forehead and stroke upwards from your eyebrows to your hairline moving across your forehead from left to right.


Use your fingertips and light pressure to make gentle circles along your forehead.


You can complete your facial massage by applying light pitter patter raindrops with the tips of your fingers to your forehead, cheeks, and jawline.


When you’ve finished, relax and enjoy how lovely and fresh your skin feels.


For more information on working on acupressure points and to find our more about Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, FHT magazine has a link to a DIY Marma Face Massage  that is worth reading.
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