Hot Stones and Aromatherapy Facials

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Now that there’s a bit more of a chill in the air, what better time to bring some heat and comfort back to our bodies. We tend to tense up our muscles when our bodies are cold so keeping well wrapped up is important. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a client arriving in winter with an open necked, rain wet shirt, feeling cold, damp and complaining of a sore stiff neck!

The use of hot stones in massage therapy is beneficial in a number of ways: they warm the body and promote a feeling of warmth and calm which is really luxurious in a relaxing massage treatment. On the other hand, in a remedial treatment, hot stones can be used in a more specific, targeted way in order to reduce an area of tension, trigger point or muscle spasm. In both types of massage, the use of the stones at the start of a treatment is a really effective way to relax muscles in preparation for treatment.

Similarly, an aromatherapy facial massage during the winter months when it starts to get cold and our skin is harshly affected by the cold, wind and rain is a lovely experience. The skin feels brighter, cleaner and more plumped up after the facial massage treatment however, added to this, being wrapped in warm towels, being taken on an aroma journey to select your preferred pre-blended aromatherapy oils then being engulfed in a gorgeous aroma really is a whole body experience with this therapy.



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