Licenced to practice Medical Acupuncture(Dry Needling)

Dry Needling a.k.a.Medical Acupuncture, differs from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in that its primary purpose is for the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture which is used to treat systemic conditions, involves around seven years of training and greater scope.

In the case of remedial massage, the intention is to alleviate msk or myofascial pain, therefore medical acupuncture is a highly effective skill for a therapist to have. It’s a technique that is especially useful where other interventions may not have worked

Since it’s invasive – the skin is being pierced – I will consider whether it’s an appropriate intervention for. If we both agree it’s an option then, with your informed consent, it would be included in your treatment.

The needles are tiny but effective. It is not everyone’s cup of tea however – it’s something to consider.

My training in Medical and Advanced Medical Acupuncture was completed with Osteon Manual Therapy


In Scotland, under this act, a licence is a legal requirement for Massage Therapists of any level who are piercing skin. Health professionals allied to the NHS such as physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropracters do not require to be licenced.

To meet the rigorous standards required for a licence to be granted, conditions have to be met. These are approved during a visit from an officer of the Protective Services Department.

I have met the standards and have been  granted my licence by North Lanarkshire Council. This allows me to practice Medical Acupuncture legally within the scope of my treatments.