I have collected a few questions my clients frequently ask. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please get in touch…..

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage can have profound benefits on all the systems of the body. Apart from alleviating the pain and tension caused by muscle spasms and increasing mobility, massage can have many other effects on the body such as restoring balance and calming the central nervous system, promoting efficiency in the circulation systems, aiding digestive and urinary systems, improving skin tone and boosting the immune system.

What do I wear for massage?

There is no need to wear anything special for a massage – just come for your appointment in your normal clothes, although to treat effectively, the therapist will require to apply the appropriate massage techniques directly to the exposed area of skin that requires treatment. Many people are comfortable in their underwear or they bring a pair of shorts with them. The parts of the body which are not being treated are covered with towels, protecting modesty at all times.

During On-Site chair massage in the workplace, the client is fully clothed at all times.

What’s involved in a typical treatment?

All conditions are unique and therefore there is no such thing as a ‘ typical treatment, however, as a rough guide, treatment involves completion of a consultation and assessment of the presenting condition which could be, e.g. a need for relaxation or for treatment of a more specific condition such as low back pain. Shelagh will  agree a treatment plan with you which may involve one or more sessions. After each treatment, a re-assessment is completed and advises or exercises that may be part of a maintenance programme will be discussed.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends. Sometimes one treatment is all that is required, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and sometimes if a chronic condition has developed over many years, it will take a number of treatments to resolve the cause and effects of an underlying problem.

Is there any reason why I can’t have a massage?

There are some conditions that mean that massage is contra-indicated so the consultation is a very important part of the treatment plan.

Is there anything I should do after a massage?

It is a good idea to keep well hydrated after to counteract any ‘healing reaction’.

Are oils used in On-Site Chair Massage?

No, no oils are used in On-Site Chair massage and the client keeps their clothes on throughout

Will I feel like going back to work after an On-Site Chair Massage or will I feel sleepy?

The routine is designed to be relaxing for the first part and refreshing in the second part so that it is far more likely that you will go back to work feeling more energised.

I’ve had a massage before and it was really sore – does it have to be like that to work?

Definitely not. There is a big difference between ‘therapeutic discomfort’ and ‘pain’. Therapeutic discomfort is a feeling of ‘good’ sore i.e. it’s sore but it’s a good feeling of soreness.

During the massage, Shelagh will check what level of discomfort you are experiencing, if any. Every client is different in their perception of pain and the pressure that they feel works for them and she will naturally adjust pressure accordingly.