An Oncology massage is a specialist massage therapy for those who are living with or are recovering from Cancer.

During this challenging time, massage has been shown to help reduce stress by inducing calmness, aiding in the relaxation of muscle tension and potentially reducing nausea, fatigue or pain.

There are significant benefits to be had from massage therapy for those undergoing,or who are many years on from a cancer diagnosis.

Prior consultation with a doctor or health professional is advised. 


Since there are key protocols involved in massage during cancer care, it is important that the massage therapist has undergone specific training and can make the required adjustments.

Shelagh Bryce completed her training in cancer massage through the Iris Cancer Partnership with Gayle MacDonald, author of Medicine Hands – MassageTherapy for People with cancer. She has completed training in myofascial
techniques and scar tissue massage with  Jing Advanced Massage Training

Shelagh also holds a PVG for providing massage for people with cancer through voluntary work at
Strathcarron Hospice.



Take some time out for yourself to relax in the warm, calm, peaceful and soothing surroundings of the therapy room in Shelagh’s Dullatur clinic or at Stirling Massage Clinic in Bridge of Allan Sports Club.



Comfort considerations include both physical and emotional. The massage is soothing, gentle and relaxing – nothing that could impact adversely on the systems of the body. Great care will always be taken to provide a comforting, confidential safe environment.



Life with cancer can become taken up with never ending rounds of appointments, scans, hospital treatments and drugs so making decisions for your own body after not being in control can be very beneficial.


Individual therapy sessions or a course of massage therapy can be provided based on your needs. Often knowing that there is a regular massage session of some wonderful soothing relaxation is a very positive focus for people undergoing cancer treatment.

It can also be a very welcome and special gift to offer a friend or loved one massage therapy at a challenging time in their life.

If you would like to make a gift of  massage for someone you know who is living with cancer, vouchers are available to purchase for massage therapy at the clinic in Dullatur

To find out more or to book an appointment, get in touch on the number below or email