Swedish Massage is a relaxing, calming therapy that can be very effective either as a full body treatment to simply indulge yourself or, perhaps give as a gift for a special treat for someone, or to be used more specifically in the treatment of areas of minor muscle tension or discomfort in the body for example, such as the back, neck, shoulders or hamstrings.

In Swedish massage, the massage touch may be lighter than in remedial massage and although it doesn’t involve some of the deeper, more therapeutic remedial techniques such as soft tissue release, or trigger point therapy – like remedial massage, Swedish massage softens and mobilises soft tissue to alleviate discomfort of muscle spasm and reduce pain or stress caused by tension such as headaches or anxiety.

At the core, the goal is to relax, refresh and revitalise



“….I work off-shore and do a lot of wakeboarding but recently I’ve not done quite as much as I’ve had a lot of pain in my knees and calves due to various injuries I’ve had over the years. My leg muscles get really tight and recently I’ve suffered from pain in the soles of my feet. I’m currently in the process of changing job so things have been pretty full-on.…”

R.O. Age 39


In this case, I initially used Swedish Massage techniques as this is a great way to reduce stress and tension in the body, restore balanceand promote a feeling of wellbeing within the body. The relaxation effects can have profound benefits on of all the systems of the body, from improvement in circulatory and respiratory systems and skin tone to calming down the central nervous system.

In the subsequent treatments, I used a combination of Remedial Massage and Swedish Massage techniques to maximise the relaxation effects and allow for deeper remedial treatment of the specific issue.


“I recently had 4 massages 2 weeks apart from Shelagh which have really helped to reduce the ache and loosen my calf muscles. I liked how she assessed my issues, put together a treatment plan and involved me in the process and then treated to relax my-super tight muscles and resolve the specific areas that were bothering me – my feet and calves.

I felt the combination of remedial and relaxing therapies really helped my body to get back feeling good again.”