It is more important than ever to ensure that you are well both physically and mentally. We are living in a tough world and your wellbeing is a priority. If you are experiencing discomfort, tension or restriction it may be worth taking some time out for yourself and getting in touch for an online self-care session.

When a face to face hands-on massage intervention is not possible,  a self-care appointment is an alternative option worth considering. Not only does it empower you to be proactive in your own recovery, but it is also time you have allocated for yourself to help encourage relaxation and reduce tension and discomfort.
I am making On-line sessions over Zoom, available to book online. These are an option if you are unable to travel to the clinic for ‘hands-on’ therapy.



Self Care appointments are for 30 minutes and include:

A full consultation and review of previous notes and range of movement assessment – where and when you feel discomfort.  We’d have a chat about how you’re feeling, what your days involve in terms of movement and then based on all of that information, we’d agree what techniques and self care or relaxation interventions would be appropriate and a plan for you to follow up in between me seeing you on an online appointment.

These are carried out over ZOOM or Skype or WhatsApp.

30 minute self care sessions are £15 and these are now open to online bookings.

There will also be group Zoom sessions based around a specific topic such as ‘golfers elbow’ or headaches for example. These will include general self-care advises and techniques including stretches.

Make a Booking

Interested? Why not get in touch and try a 1-1 appointment or a group session and see how your body feels afterwards. If you are experiencing discomfort, tension or restriction, it may well be worth giving it a try.