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Adapting To A Changing World


As you know from my recent newsletters, ‘hands-on’ massage has not been possible since lockdown.

I’ve been busy however, using the time productively to up-skill by completing some highly informative courses. I’m undertaking a continuous professional development course with The Jing Method specifically for the On-Line Self Care Therapist  and I’m  also almost in the last week of a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. These courses plus a myriad of other excellent webinars have been invaluable in building a portfolio of self care techniques, and well-being advises that I can share with my clients and expand my practice in order to include this option.

While this has been a really difficult time for someone like myself for whom bodywork is an amazing privilege, it’s opened up a whole new realm of being able to offer self-care to clients’ on-line’.

Self-Care Sessions: Why?

‘A self-management approach to persistent musculo-skeletal pain can improve peoples’ quality of life, pain levels and the way they use health care resources’ (De Silva 2011)

I have recently been running self-care sessions with some clients as I was curious to see how these would be received and what I could offer within these sessions. It’s clear that many people are feeling the effects of the current situation in terms of their mental and physical health and find these appointments beneficial.

In a holistic approach, you, my client, are the expert. I, as the therapist, work in alliance with you and you are active in your own healing. Thanks to the power of technology, we can do this together online.

It’s no surprise that without regular discipline, motivation, inspiration or whatever we want to call it, most people do their self-care for a little while then… forget or simply give up. Things are ok for a while but then that nagging shoulder stiffness comes back or the tension in the neck raises its ugly head.
Having a regular time to practice and actually ‘DO’ self-care techniques as part of either a 1-1 appointment or, as part of a more general group session is a huge step in taking proactive control of the outcome.

‘A pro-active self-management approach for chronic conditions including musculo-skeletal pain and arthritis has positive results, with participants reporting improvements in pain symptoms, confidence to manage their pain, health status, anxiety and depression’ (Bourne 2012)


Picture The Scenario

You might have a niggling shoulder pain just now…….it’s bothering you and normally you’d book a massage to get those irksome spasms worked out. You’ve had this pain before. There is no health care practitioner or complimentary therapist that you know personally and who is open for you to go and see at the moment. Its not nearly bad enough to go to your GP and you don’t want to travel anywhere.  You do want it to go away though so  that you can get back into to the garden and you’d welcome any self care advises or techniques to help shift it.   Come to think of it, its beginning to get you really tense and you feel your neck starting to get tight too. You want your muscles and your mind to relax.

Self-Care Sessions: What’s Involved?

A full consultation is carried out as normal and a review of previous appointments and of range of movement  – where and when you feel discomfort.  We’d have a chat about how you’re feeling, what your days involve in terms of movement and then based on all of that information, we’d agree what techniques and self care or relaxation interventions would be appropriate and a plan for you to follow up in between me seeing you on an online appointment.
These are carried out over ZOOM or Skype or Whats App.
30 minute self care sessions are £15 and these will soon be open to online bookings.
There will also be group Zoom sessions based around a specific topic such as ‘golfers elbow’ or headaches for example. These will include general self care advises and techniques including stretches. These will also be available to book online soon.


Interested In Finding Out More?

Interested? Why not get in touch and try a 1-1 appointment or a group session and see how your body feels afterwards. If you are experiencing discomfort, tension or restriction, it may well be worth giving it a try.

You can now book using my new online booking system, removing the need for paper consultation forms and a paper diary. 


For more information you can also call me on 07581372925.


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